Nurture & Bliss is home to Olives & Applesauce Baby Carriers, Wrapsody Wraps, Sweet Pea Diapers, Balm Baby Natural Care for Baby and Mama, Healing Hazel Amber & Hazelwood jewellery, Mariposah Bamboo Cotton Swaddles, Cotton Dryer Balls and much more! These products support our guiding philosophy which is to ‘keep our babies as close as possible for as long as possible’, ‘nurture them as nature intended, in touch with our instincts’ and ‘trust in ourselves as parents to give our little ones the very best start’. After all, we, as parents, are the best-placed experts as far as our children are concerned!

Olives_&_Applesauce_logo_square We are the very proud European agent and importer for the wonderful and lovingly designed American-owned Olives and Applesauce Baby Carriers, fabulously described by many mums as “the Mercedes of baby carriers”! It is our goal to give parents as much choice as possible when it comes to finding the right carrier for them and, to this end, it is our aim to make Olives & Applesauce carriers available to mums, dads and little ones everywhere. When we’re not doing that, we are focused on helping to raise the profile of baby-wearing as much as we can by letting the world know just how positive and beneficial it is to carry our little ones and keep them close to our hearts!

Sweet_Pea_Diapers_logo_squareIn support of our wider belief of giving parents choice when making important decisions for their babies, we are now the equally proud distributor in Europe for Sweet Pea Diapers, a Canadian-owned, ethical-trade brand of cloth diaper.

We hope you love our carriers, wraps and diapers as much as we do!

Beginnings…for Baby Carriers….and later Cloth Nappies and wraps too….

Nurture & Bliss is an ethical-trade business situated in the beautiful countryside of West Cork, Ireland. It was conceived in late 2008, when Holly,  mum of three, was trying to find a baby carrier for her then youngest child, Louis. Fortunately, her research led her to Olives and Applesauce and her quest for the perfect sling was over! While using the sling, the interest she received from other mums confirmed there were others out there unaware that such a versatile and fabulous carrier existed. And so the idea was born. Nurture & Bliss is about happy babies… and happy parents.

In your search to give your baby the very best start in life, and to help them grow into happy and healthy children, we hope you enjoy shopping at Nurture & Bliss!

Meet the Nurture & Bliss Team

Holly Anderson
Mama & Owner

In addition to running Nurture & Bliss, I am also a mum to two gorgeous boys (one of them now in college), and a beautiful baby girl!.  I love my work and especially love being involved in anything that promotes well-being for babies and children and makes life easier for mums and dads.   My background includes a Research Masters in child well-being from a policy perspective – following a degree in politics – and a colourful CV of previous work experience before setting my sights on a life in West Cork where I live with my children and partner.

Mum's Helpers

Nurture & Bliss is a family-run from home business so everyone helps out.   Putting orders together is a favourite…..